Monday, 18 August 2014

POP! Television – Dr Tobias Fünke


Company: Funko

Series: Arrested Development
Year: 2014

RRP: $AUD 15.95

So, here's the first instalment of Funko POP! week kicking off with Dr Tobias Funke!

Arrested Development first began airing in late 2003. Smart, clever, funny and fast-paced, it never quite got the ratings it deserved, though it garnered many excellent reviews. In 2006, it would be cancelled – yet another show gone well before its time.

This was disappointing, but it was pretty much guaranteed that it would be a cult classic. And that’s exactly what happened. Whenever the deplorable state of modern TV is brought up, you can be sure someone will jump in and complain that Arrested Development got cancelled – it tends to be a race between the Arrested Development fan and the Firefly fan as to who gets in first.
I’ve been that guy on more than one occasion. And so we come to today’s review – my personal favourite character from the show, Dr Tobias Fünke, as portrayed by comedian David Cross.

Tobias is dressed (or not dressed) in his signature outfit of denim cutoffs. He’s also wearing his glasses, and flip-flops. The likeness is good – it retains the Funko simplicity while still capturing the essence of the character well.

The paint is pretty good, especially as POPS go – they’re notorious for having crappy paint jobs. There’s still a bit of slop, and some damage on the back of his head where he’s been in the box, but Funko are definitely improving in this area. He also has some hair tampoed on his chest. Not quite as much hair as the real David Cross, but probably more appropriate for the Funko aesthetic (link possibly NSFW). 
The glasses are a separate piece, glued on at the sides of his head and held in via a hole in between his eyes. Additionally, the body isn’t one whole piece – it’s glued together at the waist.

On that topic, it seems that POP! vinyl figures used to be originally built on a handful of very similar base bodies – check out the Superman and Wonder Woman POPs (both originally from 2010, I believe), and you’ll see that while there are differences, it’s entirely possible that one mould was simply a retool of the other.

But now, there’s a lot more variety. Tobias is definitely indicative of this – he uses the classic headshape, yet his body looks to be completely new. Most of the characters in the line look to have unique bodies too, which is particularly impressive in this day of reused moulds and repaints. It’s good that Funko have been willing to invest so heavily in the line! 

This Tobias should be readily available, and there’s apparently a variant version done entirely in blue. I’m not sure how rare/expensive this one will be, but I’ll definitely be picking it up if I come across it at the right price!

The Arrested Development series features 8 POPs, plus the 1 variant mentioned above. So there’s two Michaels, two Busters, a GOB, George-Michael and George Senior. I hope to get all of them. There’s plenty of characters that I’d like to see in future series as well – Lucille, Lucille 2, Maeby, Lindsay, Barry Zuckerkorn, Kitty, Stan Sitwell and Oscar, just to name a few. And there are still quite a few versions of existing characters that we could see – Hot Cop GOB, for instance!

I’m thrilled with this purchase, and hope we see many more in the future. Arrested Development was a fantastic show, and I’m still hanging out for the movie…hopefully it won’t be too much longer!
Also, it's nice to have another doctor in the collection, to go with the Assassin's Creed Plague Doctor ;)


  1. I love the fact that Dr Fünke is depicted in his "nevernude" garb. For those who are uncertain what a nevernude is, check
    The chest hair is good, but as you have noted, fails to live up to David Cross' reputation (like Robin Williams) as "an hairy man" ; they have captured the male balding pattern that is often associated with bodily hirsuteness.
    I still don't understand "Pop" characters, but it doesn't stop me from liking this figurine -- Seymour Knutts

    1. Hopefully we'll also see a "Pirate" Tobias like from the first episode.

  2. That link to the real David Cross is hillarious....and disturbing at the same time.