Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lo’Gosh (World of Warcraft)


I’ve never been a Warcraft or WoW fan. I’m sure they’re great games and all, but they’ve just never grabbed me. But I’d been seeing this figure lurking around the corners of my local games store for quite a few months now, and was impressed with his more-or-less likeness to Arnie’s portrayal of Conan the Barbarian. But he was $34AUD, and I wasn’t willing to pay that. He went on sale to a much lower price over Christmas 2013, but still didn’t sell.
So flash forward to a few months ago, and I found myself having a conversation with the salesperson behind the counter. They were very keen to get rid of him (he’d been there for a year and a half at least, and his box took up a lot of shelf space) so they offered him to me for $9. At a price like that, I couldn’t say no.

Note: I should point out that I will be primarily reviewing this as a Conan figure, not as a WoW one.  
I know nothing about Lo’Gosh, but I know a good pseudo-Conan when I see one. Though it draws elements from several different stages of Arnie’s look in Conan the Barbarian, it primarily looks like it’s been derived from the beginning of the movie, when Conan was a pit fighter – particularly the leather crown/headgear and the spiked sword handle that looks like a set of knuckledusters.
Of course, being from WoW and not actually a piece of Conan the Barbarian merchandise, it has some differences. The belt buckle is the leonine icon of the Alliance (whom I understand are essentially the WoW good guys), and he’s wearing pants as opposed to a loincloth.  

Everything is sculpted with an impressive level of detail, with Conan posed in a triumphant pose, swords held aloft above his head. It’s a good mix between realistic and comic-y that I wouldn’t mind seeing on other figures, particularly comic-based ones. It’s like a 90s comic book come to life, but without a lot of the negative things that suggests. 
There is only one thing that stood out to me as a little odd – his chest looks a little too narrow for his body. I suppose this may be a result of concept art not translating so well into three dimensions, or may just be adjusted this way because of his pose. Nonetheless, my enjoyment is undiminished!

In terms of actual issues, the only “problem” is that there’s a join line around his jaw. It’s a little ugly up close, but you’re not generally looking at him from an angle where you’d notice it.
As for articulation, there is nothing at all. In the words of Michael Crawford, he’s a “Nerd Hummel”. This is fine, as I knew what I was in for when I bought him – but I can’t help but feel that describing it as an “action figure” on the box is somewhat misleading. Maybe “collector’s figurine” would be a better compromise. I don’t much care for “Staction Figure” which apparently did the rounds a few years ago.  

The paint work on this guy is excellent. There’s been a lot of attention paid to the little sculpted details, and very little slop. Particularly impressive is the blood spray on the swords – this is an area where it would have been easy for the company to  cheap out, and in all likelihood gotten away with it, but they do seem to have paid a lot of attention to making sure it looks “right”.

There’s no one area that stands out as having obviously crappy paint – an amazing rarity in this day and age, even among collector’s figures.

This figure was released in 2009, so your chances of picking him up at retail are probably pretty slim. However, he seems to be in plentiful supply on eBay. I’ve seen him as a low as $11, and as high as $80 – but the average seems to be around the $30AUDish mark. As far as I can tell, that would have been about his retail price when he was first released. Just be aware, you may pay almost as much again in postage.

Though I really like the figure, I would have thought it was copyright-infringingly close to Conan. There are lots of urban myths and contradictory stories about whether He-Man was inspired by Conan, and apparently some legal troubles too, so it surprises me that WoW and DC flew so close to the sun with this one. But here we are, and it’s the best Conan figure I’ve seen in a long time. 

As might be expected, I’m disappointed that he’s not articulated – I am still hoping that NECA releases a series of properly articulated Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan the Barbarian figures – but as a shelf decoration for collectors, I think it’s great. At $9, this guy was an absolute bargain. I kind of want to put him on my desk at work, but he sends a much more hostile message than my usual Funko POPs…

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