Saturday, 8 November 2014

Lego Minifigures – Rock Star (Series 12)


We’ve had a couple of rocker characters in the minifigures range before – the Punk Rocker back in series 4, and the Rocker Girl from series 7 who was totally not Jem. But this is our first heavy metal guy – and having been a huge heavy metal guy myself in the past, I was pretty pumped to see this minifigure get released.
The tampoing on this guy isn’t super intricate, but there is a lot of it. It's basically a whole lot of silver dots to replicate the standard features you’d expect on a studded leather outfit – the lapels, the belt -- it’s even got the zips on the wrist. His hair has a metallic silver streak in it, which would serve well if you are keen to make some kind of glam rock custom. The hairstyle kind of reminds me of Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe, but I don’t think it’s specifically based on him.

He comes with one accessory – a red guitar, which looks to be a new piece. The guitar has a swirly circular pattern on it, which is not dissimilar to Zakk Wylde’s guitars, and the red is reminiscent of Van Halen’s legendary Frankenstrat.
So this dude is pretty cool in a generic 1980s metal kind of way – but as we see above, remove the hair, and you have Rob Halford, legendary lead singer of Judas Priest – sans goatee and head tattoo, admittedly, but it’s close enough to pass for my collection. In fact, if you bought a bunch of these guys, you could pretty much recreate Judas Priest! This is particularly fitting, because Halford and co did a huge amount to popularise the leather look, which I suppose went on to reach its logical (or illogical) extreme with black metal.

Overall verdict – fantastic minifigure on its own, even better once the hairpiece is removed to turn him into Rob Halford. Great effort, Lego!

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  1. Cool blog. What is the white face from? Is it a sad clown?

    1. The white face is from the Mime, all the way back in Minfigures series 2. Closest thing I had to black metal corpsepaint in my collection :)