Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Iron Man Mk. 43 (POP! Marvel)

Iron Man Mark 43

Series: POP! Marvel
Company: Funko 
Year: 2015

Marvel owes a lot to Iron Man these days. Before 2008, he was something of a B-list hero; the average man in the street had probably heard of him, but couldn’t tell you much beyond the fact that he wears a red and yellow suit of armour. But when Marvel decided to take a risk with the release of the Iron Man movie in 2008, that all changed. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was built around that core, with Iron Man himself emerging as its breakout star, above and beyond more famous Marvel heroes like Captain America. 

7 years, 10 movies and 3 TV series later (and more on the way!) we stand on the edge of the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Which naturally means there is a whole buttload of merchandise coming to accompany it, including the subject of today’s review – Iron Man, bedecked in his Mark 43 armour, from Funko.

The Mark 43 looks to be the main suit that Iron Man will be wearing for Iron Man 3, though the Hulkbuster suit (Mark 44?) looks set to get some screentime too. It’s a nice return to the classic red and gold look, but still subtly distinct from the other suits we’ve seen across the other movies. Perhaps most importantly, it looks a lot better than the mostly-gold (and ugly) Mark 42 seen in Iron Man 3.

But to the layman, the main feature that distinguishes this particular Iron Man from the roughly 39472358923749 other Iron Man Funko POPs currently available is the blast-off effect. Shooting blue blasts from the respulsors on his hands and feet (which also act as a stand), he’s one of the most distinctive POPs that Funko has put out in a long time. He’s got lots of intricate little details all over him in his armour plating;  it’s maybe a little more detailed than I would like in this format, but the overall effect is so impressive I really don’t mind.

Paint is mostly good, though it does look a little thick in a few areas. It’s quite glossy, which I think is the paint itself, rather than a separate layer. You may see a couple of spots on the gold where the red shows through a little, but nothing major. I don’t know if they’re planning a metallic variant of this guy, but it would be virtually redundant.   

This POP is yet another great addition to the collection from Funko – they’ve gone gangbusters the last couple of years, getting their hands on an absolutely huge range of licenses. The whole Avengers: Age of Ultron range looks great. Now I just need to figure out how to get my hands on one of the Hulkbuster POPs…   


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