Sunday, 31 May 2015

Creature from the Black Lagoon Funko POP! (Glow in the Dark variant)

Series: POP! Movies
Company: Funko
Year: 2015

Late last year I reviewed Funko’s Creature from the BlackLagoon POP – it was a great figure, one of my favourite purchases of 2014. I really hoped that there would be a glow in the dark release* of him too, but I didn’t dare get my hopes too high – I’ve been burned before. But then I was browsing late one night and discovered that there was one in the offing. That was back in April, but he only turned up a couple of weeks ago.  

This guy is the same sculpt as the original, cast in glow in the dark plastic. This alone would have been enough to sell me on the concept. Funko have decided to go one step further though; certain details have been picked out in paint – the tongue, his nails, his stomach, some of the shading on his fins and his eyes.

The glow is very satisfying – a bright green, as might be expected. Awesomely, his box also has glow in the dark “slime” applied to the window – this is a great little touch, and I plan to keep him stored in the box most of the time for display.

The glow in the dark aspect is obviously the most appealing part of the figure, so as a standalone release, he’s a little mixed. It doesn’t really capture the iconic look of the Creature, but it does have a considerable novelty factor that supplements the first release nicely. I’m glad I got him, though I would definitely suggest that if you’re only going to get one then you should get the regular release. But for GitD obsessives like myself, it was an essential purchase.

*On the subject of variants, there’s another one which I haven’t seen in the flesh as yet – a metallic one, apparently a Gemini Collectibles exclusive. I’ll probably pass on him, as these two are enough for me, I think.   

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