Wednesday, 29 July 2015

POP! Heroes – Reverse-Flash

Though I’ve never reviewed him on here, The Flash was actually one of the first Funko POPs I bought back in 2013. I remember having to buy him off eBay, as he was out of production at the time and the New 52 version hadn’t yet been released in stores.

But there were actually two other versions of the Flash available around the same time – Black Flash (which was ridiculously hard to find) and the Reverse-Flash (who wasn’t much easier to find, either). I didn’t pick him up at the time as I was busy buying characters like Martian Manhunter and Hawkman, with the aim of getting the Justice League going on my work desk.  

Yet on a Hobbyco visit just a couple of weeks ago, I found this guy staring up from the shelves at me. With a hankering to purchase something that afternoon, I decided that this guy would be a good addition to my DC shelf.

I’m not well-versed in the Flash’s extensive lore, so I’m not super familiar with Reverse-Flash. I do know that he’s one of the Flash’s main villains, and that a few different people have taken up the mantle over the years. One of those incarnations sometimes calls himself Professor Zoom. Lately he’s gained a boost in popularity by being featured on the new(ish) TV series based around the Flash, portrayed by Tom Cavanagh, playing against type as a villain.  Wow, everything you need to know, huh? For more detailed information I suggest this page.

Unsurprisingly, he’s made from the same mould as the Flash. The only difference is that his colours have been reversed – who’d have thought it, with a name like that? Silly naming conventions aside, the colour scheme looks fantastic. A lot of characters have had dreadful colour-inverted versions over the years, so this is a welcome exception. 

There is a Reverse-Flash based on the TV series which seems pretty easy to come by at the moment, and looks pretty cool. However, this particular version still seems to remain elusive. I don’t know what the situation is with him being released or re-released, but the one I picked up was the only one they had in-store – and I haven’t seen him elsewhere since. There is a glow in the dark version too, but he’s not readily available. He was some kind of convention exclusive a few years ago and will cost you a pretty penny if you can track him down. I would love one, but am not really willing to part with the $$$ necessary for it.

 Overall? Fun, but not essential unless you are a die-hard fan of the character. Flash is undergoing a real resurgence in popularity of late thanks to the prominent role he played in the Flashpoint crossover event and the TV series, which I think is a good thing. He’s always been a little under-appreciated and it’s nice to see him finally getting some of the love he deserves.  

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