Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lego Creator – Lakeside Lodge (31048)

Year: 2016
Theme: Creator
Pieces: 368
Price: AUD $35-39

Lego has been having a bit of a “back to nature” subtheme with some of its Creator sets. Last year we got the Mountain Hut (ideal for weekend adventurers) and now we have the Lakeside Lodge, a place for a more subdued getaway.

Like most Creator kits, there are 3 different ways to build this set. Once upon a time this was fairly standard for Lego sets – generally there would be pics on the back of the box of alt modes, but no instructions would be included. It was then up to you to try and figure out how to build them. It was great fun, and it’s a bit of a shame that Lego seems to have ditched the idea outside of the Creative sets. But enough complaining – onto the review. In the next few weeks, I'll do my best to review the other two modes as well.   

The primary mode is probably the best in objective terms, depicting the titular Lakeside Lodge. But today we’re going to look at the second mode. It’s still a cabin – albeit a smaller one – but the roof is now flat to allow for a telescope! 

As with the other two modes, the house splits open on a hinge, allowing you to access the interior. There’s not much inside, just a small corner table with a coffee cup and a letter sitting on it. Simple, but add a laptop and you’ve got an ideal spot for a writer’s retreat. As someone who already writes for a living and has aspirations of becoming an author, the idea of a Lakeside Lodge to get away and devote myself to my craft (imagine me saying this with pretentious hand gestures while wearing a beret). But having that kind of money is a probably long way off, so I’ll just do it vicariously through this Lego set for the time being.    

The included minifigure doesn’t get a name, but he’s a presumably late 20s/early 30s guy. Dressed in a flannel shirt, tan pants and with a dimpled chin, he’s a nice generic City guy on his weekend away. He’s got the Bieber style of hairpiece, but it’s been cast in black this time. It would also work as an emo sort of hairpiece, if you’re looking at creating customs too.

So, what’s the verdict? I don’t generally collect Creator or City stuff, but every now and a set will jump out and grab me – and this is one of them. Truth be told, the telescope on the roof is a little detail that sold me on the set as a whole. I loved astronomy as a kid, and every now and then toy with idea of buying a telescope for the balcony to do a bit of stargazing. It hasn’t happened yet, but you never know; maybe next time Aldi has a sale on them. It's a great little touch that, for me, took a set that was already pretty cool to the next level. Money well spent!

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