Sunday, 18 December 2016

POP! Games – Call of Duty Spaceland Zombie

Series: POP! Games
Year: 2016

The Call of Duty games are fun and all, but I’m years behind on them. I think the last one I bought was Black Ops 2, maybe? Long time ago now. Nonetheless, this particular piece of CoD merchandise jumped out at me – not because of my interest in the game, but because he is perfect as a Deadite to go with Ash from Army of Darkness!

This guy is gross, on par with Funko’s Walking Dead figures – a range he’d fit in with quite well. His face looks almost like it’s melting, and he’s leaking blood out of his eyes…which is quite an effective (if disgusting) rendering of the decomposition process that “real” zombies would likely go through. There’s been quite a bit of attention paid to sculpting; in life, this guy looks to have been some kind of frat boy on vacation, dressed in some very Abercrombie & Fitch-esque clothes. That said, I can’t find a reference image from the game that seems to match this particular character. If you have one, mention it in the comments below.

Overall, this detail is great, but does seem slightly strange; apparently this obscure character gets a bigger tooling and paint budget from Funko than some of the world’s biggest superheroes. I can’t imagine it’s selling in anywhere near the same numbers!  

This guy was exclusive to Target in the US, but over here you can get him from Popcultcha or – if you’re lucky, EB Games. Thanks to the success of The Walking Dead (among others), there is now a total plethora of zombie merchandise on the market. As with any trend, it’s a mixed bag; some of it’s fantastic, other stuff is total garbage. This is one of the good ones -- if you’re a zombie fan in any way shape or form, Spaceland Zombie here is a very sound investment. 

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