Sunday, 30 April 2017

POP! Television: Twin Peaks – The Giant

“It is happening again. It is happening again.” 

Though he only actually appears in a few scenes, the Giant is one of the most memorable characters in Twin Peaks. He’s played by Carel Struycken, who’s had lots of bit parts playing tall and/or unusual characters. Aside from Twin Peaks, his most high profile role was probably Lurch in the 90s Addams Family films.

A Lodge spirit who appears in the Great Northern Hotel, the Giant has a human host just like BOB and MIKE – an unnamed, elderly room service waiter from the Hotel, whose actions are obscure at best and the product of senility at worst.    

As with virtually everyone and everything involving the Black and White Lodges, the Giant is ambiguous. Initially he gives the impression of being a good guy; his initial information is helpful to Cooper, if cryptic. Later, he tells warns Cooper of BOB’s murder of Maddy, and he explicitly warns Cooper against Annie entering the ”Miss Twin Peaks” pageant. Sounds like someone who’s trying to help, right? But later we see him sitting alongside the Man from Another Place in the Red Room (whose own villainy was suggested in the final episode, and confirmed in Fire Walk With Me).  

So the Giant may have his own agenda, but I still lean toward seeing him as a good guy. Carel Struycken is set to reprise his role in season 3, so we may get a solid confirmation. Or we may get this.

Funko’s sculpting captures Struycken’s unusual features quite well, while still neatly fitting the POP format. The head is a little more egg-shaped than the usual rounded-off cube style, and they’ve made his body a little taller than usual to fake the height. He’s bigger than a regular figure, but not quite as tall as he appears in a show – though to be fair, an in-scale figure might have been too big to fit in a regular box. He’s depicted with his right arm raised, pointing with his index finger. I remember happening in the show, but can’t remember which scene it actually appears in. It makes sense for the character – I suppose they could have given him Cooper’s ring, but this is better.   

The first episode that the Giant first appears in is called “May the Giant Be with You”, and thanks to a good business decision by Funko, he can be with you. The POP version of the Giant was originally intended to be a chase version of Leland Palmer. Though a few packaged examples of the “chase” seem to have made it to retail, Funko realised that this was a terrible idea and decided to release him as part of the main series. In a world where it feels like common sense rarely prevails, it’s nice to see it triumph – a trivial victory in the grand scheme of things, but you need to take your wins where you can get them.


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