Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fairytale Princess (Lego Minifigures Series 12)

Well, it’s been a little while between drinks here at the Lupine Book Club. My residence, Wolf Manor, recently had the bedroom cupboards renovated, which means most of the stuff I’d normally be writing about has been stored away. Couple this with the general business of the impending holiday season and I’m sure you’ll understand.

But with the impending release of Series 13 of Minifigures, it’s time to take a look at the last couple of figures I bought from series 12 – today, the Fairytale Princess.

This minifigure is very much the archetypal fairytale princess; she’s wearing a lavender medieval-style dress and is wearing a large conical hat, complete with a tassel and long braid of hair at the back. I guess you could use her as a stand-in for Rapunzel too, should you feel so inclined, or for the Princess from the Princess and the Pea. For me, I think she’ll end up in a Castle set somewhere.

Her sole accessory is the frog (or toad, if you prefer). This is exactly the same frog that has popped up in a number of other sets, including the Treehouse. It’s a cool little piece; I wouldn’t mind it having painted eyes, but I suppose I could always do that myself if I felt so inclined.

But although she’s kind of light in the accessories department, she does have a cool feature – her default expression is just a very happy face, which is nice in a generic way, but her secondary face is of her puckering up to kiss the frog. It’s a great expression that I haven’t previously seen on a minifigure, and I think it will be great for customisers. 

The main downside is that her headpiece (which I assume is a new mould) doesn’t stay on terribly well. This is not such a problem if she’s only going to be on display, but if she’s going to be used for play, I would suggest maybe using a small amount of blu-tack to keep it on.

I class her as a success. Not likely to be a hit with young boys, I imagine, but I think she’s another example of Series 12 being an overall return to form for the theme. Now roll on Series 13! 

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