Monday, 8 December 2014

Lego Review – Santa at the Beach (Toys R Us Promo Set)

Set number: N/A
Pieces: 43
Build time: 10 min

Year: 2014


I was calling past my local Toys R Us over the weekend, and they were having a Lego build event on. This happens semi-regularly, but they’re often centred on themes I don’t have a lot of interest in. However, I noticed that this one was Christmas-themed, and thought I should inquire. A few minutes later, I found myself walking out of the store with the set in a plastic baggie – apparently they had some spare, so I scored one for free! Thank you Toys R Us!


While this is ostensibly Santa, he’s been given a pirate bandanna headpiece, rather than a “Santa Hat” like the Minfigures Series 8 Santa. His face looks a little grumpy beneath the beard. His suit is plan red, with no decorations to indicate it’s specifically a Santa suit – so he kind of looks like a bikie who happens to be wearing a red suit rather than the traditional conception of Santa, though he’s still recognisable as such.

He comes with two accessories, a transparent greenish-yellow ice block and a red mug. The ice block can be stored in the esky if so desired and the mug can sit on the table.


Quick and simple to put together, the set sits on a beige baseplate, imitating sand. Atop it sits a red and yellow-striped sunbed, which is cool but a bit too long for minifigures, an esky (which opens and closes) and a table which sits next to the sunbed.


Santa himself is a little lacklustre, but overall this is a cool little set. It’s quick to build, and could be used with any number of minifigures. It’s probably a little difficult to track down, and I probably wouldn’t recommend spending much to do so, but it typifies what a good exclusive Lego set should be – fun, but not essential.    

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