Sunday, 29 March 2015

Funko POP! Books – Cthulhu (Glow in the Dark variant)

Company: Funko
Year: 2015
Series: Funko POP! Books

About a month ago, I looked at the regular version of the Funko Cthulhu. The sculpt is identical, so if you want to read about that and a bit of background on Cthulhu himself, best to have a read there. I ordered this guy from, but it’s apparently an Entertainment Earth exclusive – at least in the States, anyway.

The only real difference is that mine had a slight chip in the nose area – the glow in the dark plastic is slightly softer than the regular plastic POPs use, so it’s entirely possible that this happened during the packing process, or even when it was pulled out of the mould. It’s not a major deal, as the different-coloured plastic mutes the details of sculptured details slightly, making it less obvious.    

Rather than the dozy expression seen on the original version, with half-closed eyes, this Cthulhu appears to have awoken from his long slumber and arisen from the deep to unleash his monstrous powers upon the earth. Presumably the glow is representative of his sinister powers, though the copy on the box doesn’t confirm or deny this. Speaking of the box, it’s identical to the original – no art changes – save for a sticker which reads “Glows in the Dark”.  Though I don’t normally keep the box, I think I will probably keep this guy boxed most of the time.  

The paint is a little on the sloppy side – especially on the mouth tentacles. The eyes are done reasonably neatly though. So overall, as with the original version of this sculpt, I have some reservations about the paint. Nonetheless, the piece is overall a fun addition to the collection. If you’re only going to get one, get the original, but I am a glow in the dark tragic and naturally had to purchase both. I'm happy with my decision.



  1. Nice! I'm not a fan of Funko Pop! figures, but I was just given the original Cthulhu as a gift and love it! I'm going to have to buy the glow-in-the-dark one, too!

    I also didn't know Funko had other types of figures--I love your Nissa figure! I have to look more into that MTG series as they're totally awesome!

    1. Thanks Sky! Yeah, it took me a while to come around to POPs but eventually I caved and now I own 40-odd of them, haha!
      As for their action figures, they're released under the "Funko Legacy" line. They haven't done a ton of stuff with them, just a few licenses (GoT, Magic, Book of Life, Fantastic Mr Fox). I love the concept but the prototype pics vs the released product has a bit of a disconnect. Glad to hear you like Nissa though -- there are also two series of Magic POPs too :)