Monday, 9 March 2015

Minifigures Series 13 – Part 4

So, here we are with the final four minifigures for Series 13! 

Disco Diva
There’s always one figure I actively dislike, and this time it’s the Disco Diva. My problem is the hair, I think – though the afro worked well for the Disco Stu-looking guy back in series 2, I think a different 1970s look would have worked better. Maybe they could have reused the beehive hairdo from Velma Staplebot. Still, the concept is a cool one, the roller skates are a nice touch and the paint apps on the torso are very well executed, even with all their tiny details.    

Lady Cyclops
This was my final addition to the set. Though I really liked the Cyclops from Series 9, I felt he should be more of a standalone character – not everything needs a matching female counterpoint, at least in my opinion. But in hand, she’s kind of fun, if not amazing. She’s got the same headpiece as him, though with different paint apps, and the same club as him too.  

Unicorn Girl
Alongside the Hot Dog Man, the Unicorn Girl seems to have been one of the big “gets” for this series. I’m fairly ambivalent to her – though I tend to like the animal costume characters, I have never been a huge fan of unicorns. She’s well-thought out and crafted – just not really up my alley. Still, my wife likes her.    

Snake Charmer

“Well Tom,” I hear you saying, “You’re being a real downer with this particular feature. Why bother reviewing these figures if you’re going to complain or be ambivalent?

Well, I’ve saved one of the best for last – the Snake Charmer.

Looking at this figure, I couldn’t help but wonder why Lego had never made a Snake Charmer minifigure before. He’s got an exotic feel to him that matches well with the Pharaoh’s Quest or Monster Fighter hero characters, but stands out well on his own merits too. My only disappointment is that his snake is cast in soft, rubbery plastic rather than the usual hard stuff. Still, it’s a cool design and has some nice paint apps on its front and back.  

Well, that’s it for series 13 – roll on the Simpsons Series 2 and Series 14 later in the year! 

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