Wednesday, 14 February 2018

POP! 8-Bit: Freddy Krueger (NES)

A couple of weeks ago, I took a look at the NES version of Jason. Although I didn’t originally intend to, once I had Jason on the shelf it was only a matter of time until I picked up Freddy as well.

Unlike Jason, Freddy’s sculpt is more or less consistent with the game. This isn’t so surprising, as Freddy’s look hasn’t varied as much from film to film. However, he does share the same idiosyncratic colouring; rather than his traditional red and green striped sweater, he’s depicted with yellow and orange colouring. I’m not really clear on why they went for these colours when developing it, but such were the mysteries of 1980s programming and art directors.

As with Jason, the release of this figure is likely due to NECA. Following on from their 2013 Jason convention exclusive, they released a matching Freddy. It doesn’t seem to have taken off in the same way as Jason did, but it still makes for an easy colour variant. 

The two of them look great together – though I must note that Freddy's fedora makes him appear significantly taller than Jason. This would ordinarily be a big no-no, but such is the nature of the format. And since I plan to keep these guys in-box, it's not so noticeable. 

Funko’s commitment to horror since they started the POP line has been quite admirable. I sometimes wish there weren’t such big gaps between releases – but the fact that they’re still pumping out so many unusual things after so many years continues to impress me. Much like Jason, this is a niche but entertaining figure. Given the rapidness with which these figures were released, I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see an 8-Bit Leatherface or Michael Myers, based on their appearances in their respective video games. 

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