Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lego Minifigures – Battle Goddess (Series 12)

Series 12 – what a series it was! I don’t think I’ve been so pleased with a Minifigures set since probably series 5 or 6.

Today, we take a look at the Battle Goddess. Though she’s not explicitly identified as such, I think it’s a fairly safe bet to say she’s based on Athena, ancient Greek goddesses of wisdom and war. Lego could have really sealed the deal by including an owl with her, but I suppose it may not have cost out.

The figure’s dominant colours are white, gold and brown – white for her dress, gold for her helmet, armour and other trappings (including lipstick) and brown for her weaponry. Her hair and helmet are all one piece, which I believe is a new one. We can probably assume that we’ll see this piece again in future; perhaps a female warband in future Castle sets.
As for other accessories, she comes with the same spear we’ve seen many, many times before, but it’s now got a gold tip. She also comes with a round shield, which has a Greek pattern around the borders and a Greek-style Pegasus at the centre.

The Battle Goddess also has a softgoods skirt, which I have mixed feelings about. Though the design is cool, it doesn’t sit as evenly as it should (they rarely do) and it doesn’t quite protect her modesty either. Points for the idea, but one docked for its execution. Doubtless there’s a customiser out there already working on an improved version.

The Battle Goddess is a really fun, if somewhat obscure addition to the collection. She’s a cool companion for the Medusa from Series 10 – who I now feel like I should track down – as well as the Minotaur from series 5 and the Spartan from all the way back in series 2. But the real drawcard for me here was the idea of getting several, and using her as some kind of Amazon honour guard for Wonder Woman – who is, of course, an Amazon herself. So far I have three (thanks Scott!), which I think will do (though if anyone wants to sling more my way, just let me know!).   

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