Saturday, 3 January 2015

Universal Monsters Funko POP – Frankenstein’s Monster (Glow in the Dark variant)

Perhaps the most iconic of all the Universal Monsters (it’s even on the logo featured on the box of these guys), Boris Karloff’s version of Frankenstein’s Monster has been a massive influence on popular culture – arguably more so than Mary Shelley’s original novel – so he was a natural shoe-in for inclusion in the Universal Monsters Funko POP range.  

Regular readers are probably aware of my predilection for glow in the dark items. I was always going to get myself a Frankenstein’s Monster from this range, but discovering that there was a glow in the dark version was the icing on the cake (currently he’s the same price as the regular version, but don’t be surprised if he ends up going for drastically more on the secondary market). One Christmas present later, and he was in my possession – thanks must go to my sisters!

The sculpt is an excellent rendition of the Monster in the cutesy Funko style, complete with all the signature elements like the bolts in the neck, the staple on the forehead and the outstretched arms. He’s a nice return to the simple style of some of the older figures, providing a nice contrast to the more intricate sculpts that have been appearing lately (though I do love some of them too).

The figure is made up of multiple pieces – one for the head, one for the neck/torso, one for the legs and separate pieces for the arms. The legs are not inserted into the torso properly, which leaves a gap around the base of his jacket. I would suggest checking yours carefully before you purchase it. As for the paint, it’s fine, but shows some traces of that Funko sloppiness around his hairline (though it is still much better than many of the older ones). Just check carefully before purchase.     

The glow effect is solid but not spectacular. Both his face and his hands glow, but as as they are cast in a fairly dark green, they seem to need a longer charging period, and they don't retain their glow for as long as other more run-of-the-mill glow items, like stars or Nightfighter RoboCop.

Overall, Frankenstein’s Monster doesn’t grab me in quite the same way as the Wolf Man and the Creature from Black Lagoon. Still, the glow in the dark aspect bumps him up a few notches, and he’s a fun addition to the collection overall. I’m curious to see if they do a “Son of Frankenstein” version in future; they could re-use the head and put a robe over the rest of the body. Another solid effort from Funko!     

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