Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lego Minifigures, Series 13 -- Part 2

Unfortunately, it's been a whole between drinks here at the LBC. January has been a surprisingly busy month, what with the return to work and a mini-holiday. Still, things should be a little more back on track soon, starting with today's installment.

Here we are again with more minifigures. I wasn't too sure how many I'd pick up from this series, in spite of my overall happiness with it, but I've ended up buying 14 of the 16. Additional coverage to come soon (hopefully!)

Samurai (female)

We’ve had a Samurai before, but not since 2011 – all the way back in Series 3. I can see this female version being quite the cult hit among Lego fans. She definitely looks the part of badass anime character, but for myself, I’m a little cold on her. She is fine, but lacks the X factor to push her up to “spectacular” in my books. I may even just take her armour to use on the Series 3 Samurai, seeing as hers has been painted with a really cool design, whereas his was just plain grey.

(Unfortunately, my minifigure also somehow ended up with breadcrumbs all over her, which seem to be impossible to remove. It's a pain.) 

Perhaps more importantly, with every Japanese-themed Minifigure that Lego releases it just makes me desperately wish they would reissue the Ninja from Series 1 – or even better, a Feudal Japan subset of Castle, as happened in the 1990s. But more likely is a kunoichi in a future series of Minifigures.

Alien Trooper

Well, the most obvious new piece here is the Alien Trooper's head, which is highly Cthulhu-esque in its appearance. Put this head on the Swamp Creature’s body, and you’d only need to find a set of wings to complete the image.

Examine more closely though, and he is quite cool in his own right. His outfit is not dissimilar to Vegeta’s from Dragon Ball Z, which is a good look, and no doubt fodder for customs. He is armed with what I assume is a rifle repurposed from the Star Wars sets, but it's differentiated by the attachment of a small translucent green disc to its front. 

The Alien Trooper has great potential as an army builder but for my own (admittedly small) collection of Space stuff, I think this guy will serve as a neutral party -- a bounty hunter, roaming the Space galaxy in search of fortune and adventure.

The Carpenter

Returning now to earth, the Carpenter follows in the tradition of other “regular job” Minifigures like the Mechanic, the Welder and the Butcher. Equipped with a saw and a 3 x 1 piece painted to resemble a piece of wood (genius!), he also wears the same hardhat piece as Emmet.  Fun in his own right, this guy should fit in really well with the new Construction subset of City.

The Classic King

Though I own a few Castle sets, I never actually bought the last Castle that Lego released, back in 2013. I kind of regret that now, but some of that regret has disappeared thanks to this guy being released – the Classic King!

Straight off the set of the nearest Christmas pantomime, this king is suitable for just about any Castle or Kingdoms display. His gaudy stripes and (no doubt for decorative purposes only) golden sword catch the eye, and although he’s a little more OTT than the king included in the most recent Castle, I think he serves as a good substitute.  

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